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Issue 6 - Valentine's Day Lockdown Update - interROSE

Happy 2021, everyone. Truly hope you're all doing okay, what with it being the most depressing day of the year and all 🥺.

And, to be honest it does feel like it, especially considering our 1st quickie of the year is a rather boring but important Valentine's Day "Lockdown" update from 🌹 interROSE 🌹.

Here it is... To help us stay safe through Valentine's Day and beyond we have decided to only offer Singles, Duos and Trios of roses, rose petals and for the first time ever Infinity roses (as pictured).

Apologies to all our regulars who normally send a bouquet, but our main priority—apart from believing in a thing called love, as always—is to stay safe.

So there you have it, a quick as can be update. Till our next much more interesting quickie, keep believing everyone x

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