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Issue 35 - Jeff is happy... We're now on Amazon

It's a dream come true for Jeff Bezos! We've launched our brand new Amazon stores and he couldn't be happier. We heard he's been waiting to get us onboard for some time, so we did it, go on check 'em out :- 

Now, saying that, we actually don't want you to use our Amazon stores 😉 as we have to give Jeff 15% of every order which is a heck of a lot, the tight git. We would much prefer you to use your 10% discount code as detailed below and order direct, but if you're an Amazon Prime junkie we are here for you and at the end of the day, every order from wherever we get it is very much appreciated.

So there we are, some really big news all wrapped up in a quick and quirky email. Till our next one, take care and good luck out there. It looks like we all need some of that, well maybe not Jeff of course, I think he will be fine 😉.

All the best guys, From Tom and the rest of the team.

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