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Issue 22 - We're doing something rather Whisky this Christmas

Are you stuck for a Christmas Gift idea for the Whisky drinker in your life, well look no further than a subscription to the specialist Whisky Magazine, the perfect whisky drinker's companion.

We are pleased to have secured a huge 76% discount for all our quickie followers, meaning you can get your first 3 magazines for just £5 alongside a lovely Christmas bonus of three hand-picked whisky miniatures to boot 🥃🥃🥃.

Now that's what you call a great offer and a rare collaboration indeed with our good friends at the Whisky Mag. These guys also do a fab Gin Mag by the way if that is more your '"cup of tea", ahahah, I think I'm mixing my drinks up again - now that's not going to end well 😊.

So, until our next quirky little quickie comes along, pour yourself a large one and stick two fingers up to the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet xxx. Stay safe y'all.

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