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Issue 20 - Say hello to the new BIG cheese in town

We've been making friends with the new BIG Cheese in town 🧀 and are delighted to introduce you to our new cheese supplier, the seriously fine handmade ORSOM cheeses from Cheshire.

Now with many of our hampers featuring either cheese truckles or a nice blue cheese wedge we couldn't be more pleased to get ORSOM onboard, what with their unique blend of traditional handmade cheese-making skills and rare appreciation of exciting textures and flavours we are as proud as can be to include them.

So there you have it, a new and improved Cheese supplier, not the most breath-taking of quickies I hear you cry, but how about we throw in a quick competition to win a Cheese Feast (UK only) and see if anyone has actually read this far 😍.

To win simply send an email to hello@inter.gifts and answer as best you can the following question....

When cheese gets it picture taken, what does it say?

Good luck to everyone who enters and we will see you real soon in our next quirky edition of our little quickie newsletter.

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