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Issue 2 - Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner - Competition Winner Announced!

Well, we certainly weren't expecting so many entries, 179 in all, which is blooming fantastic, so thank you to everyone getting involved we had a great time reading them. Sadly, there can only be one Winner of our Turkey Dinner and the lucky person who tickled our tipple the most is...

Samantha Evans

Here's her wonderful entry:

I am going to give it to my sister to fatten her up,
we have been running a competition all year to see who loses the most weight by the end of the year,
there are rules and even a substantial winning pot riding on this,
I have to win Fat Club !!!!!

Very well done to you, Samantha, it had just the right amount of humour and competitive mischief we like here.

Before we go, we just want to say a quick thankyou to everyone who entered. Many of you, it seems, are working in nursing or care homes and have been going non-stop since COVID and we just want to send our deepest gratitude to you for everything you guys are doing. If we could send you all a hamper we would. Till our next issue all the very best.

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