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Issue 18 - We have a cool new logo!

Do you remember reading issue 11 of our quickie a few months ago where we promised the revamp of our rather antiquated name-a-rose.com website, well, we are good to our word and can officially announce that today we've relaunched complete with a brand new logo to boot. Do you like it? It's meant to be a rose 🌹 and form the "a" in "name-a-rose" Cool hey!! 

Now, let us be the first to admit it took a hell of a lot longer than we wanted, but the silver lining is we learnt an absolute shed load in the process which ultimately can only mean a load more cool features to our already cool websites in the future, so that's a lot of coolness going on, which is cool 😊.

So, enough of that, let's officially launch this and giveaway a totally free name a rose to all our loyal quickie junkies. Simply visit this link or enter the following password “YRLH3M” on our claim page and get naming a rose for someone special in your life today.

If you guys have any comments, or ideas how we can improve this unique and meaningful service just give us a shout out, if not, no worries, enjoy and make the most of this little freebie, its valid unitil our next quickie, so you have a couple of weeks at least. 

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