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Issue 17 - New Office Dogsbody

My name is Tom and I'm the latest newbie employee of interGIFTS, hello there!

I've been given a Kickstart up the backside with my very first real job and I am now a very proud IT Assistant with my very own desk.

You've got to love the 3 screen setup, a fool proof method of ensuring I do 3 times the amount of work I've been told 💪. And to be honest, I've got to agree, it's only my 3rd week and I'm already working with on HTML and CSS files and they even have me writing this latest quickie. It only seems like yesterday that I was laying about in my arm chair watching day time TV, ohh, they were the days.

So that about wraps it up from me, I literally can't wait to get stuck in, it's such an awesome opportunity with a brilliant team set on becoming the best gift delivery company in the UK and beyond and I can't believe my luck landing the best job in Lowestoft as far as I'm concerned.

Take it easy everyone.

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