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Issue 16 - Free Hamlet Chocolates with interBALLOON

Righto, we don't talk about our interBALLOON website very often, not sure why, it does a brilliant job of selling a huge range of helium inflated balloons in boxes for every occasion with tonnes of wonderful extras and options you're not going to find anywhere else, in fact that sounds just like our current offer: a FREE Box of Hamlet Chocolates with every order.

We have just over 200 boxes to give away which should keep us going for a week or two, but when they're gone, they're gone, so if you're thinking of sending a birthday balloon or wot not soon, go for it and claim your Hamlet box of chocolates today.

Take care guys and till our next quickie have a good one or better still have two or three, the more the merrier 😄

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