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Issue 14 - Don't Forget Your Dads Socks This Father's Day

First up, let me quickly remind you it's Father's Day on Sunday the 20th of June. Now, we totally get it that emails like this are not always appropriate for everyone on such occasions and if this is indeed the case please accept our sincere and honest apology.

So with all that said, what do you get your Dad/Grandad on Father's Day, a pair of novelty socks of course. Now we don't operate intersock.com just yet, so we did the next best thing and added a range of Father's Day socks as an extra add on gift to interBALLOON, interHAMPER, interGIN and even interROSE if you fancy sending your Dad a blue rose perhaps.

So there you have it, our Father's Day Quick and Quirky newsletter is done for another year, have a good one everyone and as always big love to you all xxx

P.s Regarding interSOCK, we have literally gone ahead and registered the .com as it was available and who knows maybe one day we will really be selling just socks on Father's Day 🧦 ahahah 😊

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