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Issue 11 - The Life of a Lonely Web developer laid bare!

I have a bit of a geeky quickie for you today, so if that's your bag, stay tuned. If not, please read anyway as it took me over an hour to write.

Okay, here we go... Our long-lived and popular Name-a-Rose service is getting a major revamp after 20+ years of service and it's my job as a website developer to metaphorically prune each of the 8000+ roses we have growing in our Public and Memorial rose gardens and breath some fresh life into the whole thing with better functionality, including a new certificate option and the chance to replicate it if we ever wanted to Name-a-Galaxy or whatnot.

Basically, I've been told to roll up my sleeves and jump into the code feet first and see where it takes me and boy what a rabbit hole it is. There is stuff in here dating back to 1999 when the boss, who can't code for his life these days, was using Perl and Make scripts. Arggh, Nowadays we have discovered the joys of the CodeIgniter PHP framework which in my book proves once and for all that heaven does exist. Alas, I fear at this stage everyone who was reading this has fell asleep and I'm literally talking to myself. Ohh, the life of a website developer laid out bare for all to see.

So there you have it. A quick behind-the-scenes update from me. But I do wonder if I will be allowed to write one of our Quickies ever again as I've kinda missed the point. It seems, I've wrote a bit of an essay, but to hell with it, I'm working from home with no one to talk to, it's driving me nuts 😃. So i'll do what I want.

So, till our next issue, keep safe and remember there is always some lonely programmer behind every website.

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